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Our Coronavirus- COVID-19 Protocol and Added Safety Measures To Keep All Of Us Safe

We are doing everything we can to make sure you are safe while here at 7Souls Tattoo.

Here at 7SoulsTattoo, we have always kept very high standards of cleanliness. Your safety has always been our priority in tattooing and body piercing.

Our artists are trained in bloodborne pathogen handling yearly.

And we have taken a Covid-19 training online to be up to date with respiratory virus protocol.

 In order to provide the safest possible tattoo experience for both our clients and artists, we have implemented several new procedures.

  1. We will be strictly appointment only and have a 9 person maximum in the studio at a time. Typically far fewer. One person per practitioner with plenty of distance between stations.

Unfortunately, this means you may not bring anyone with you to your appointment. We will still be able to accommodate

We can accommodate same-day appointments. Please just give us a call first.

  1. We will require everyone to wear a mask at all times while in the studio. We encourage everyone to consider purchasing a reusable/washable mask & disposable gloves. However, if you do not have a mask we will provide you one for free.
  1. Immediately upon entering you must use the provided hand sanitizer. Also, we ask that you sanitize your phone or other items you will be touching frequently during your visit. Please leave any nonessential items at home or in your car. We will then take your temperature with our touchless thermometer.
  1. We have digital waivers. You will fill out your consent and disclosure forms on an iPad that will be thoroughly disinfected after each use or your own iPhone if you have one.
  1. We have increased our already stringent cleaning protocols. We continue to use hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaners and disinfect common area surfaces and door handles several times an hour.
  1. We also recently installed an Air Purification Technology System in our shop that kills airborne viruses. We care for your safety. See how it works!
  1. By now this should go without saying but, if you’re feeling even the slightest bit unwell please call us to reschedule. We will be happy to accommodate you. We ask the same of all the artists and staff at 7Souls Tattoo.

Thank you for your patience, support, and understanding.  We look forward to making beautiful tattoos with you!

Staff at 7Souls Tattoo

Here are the sanitation protocols that tattoo parlors are required to follow.


▪ All waiting areas are to remain closed. Customers must wait in their vehicles until their appointment time and they are called for screening before entering.

▪ Customers must sanitize their hands when entering and exiting.

▪ All customers must be screened upon entry.= Questions on health and taking of temperature.

▪ Customers must wear a face covering, such as a cloth mask, while inside at all times, this includes during the tattoo procedure.


▪ All employees will be screened daily at the beginning of their shifts, including asking whether they have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have had a fever in the last 48 hours.

▪ All employees must be provided training on how to limit the spread of COVID-19.

▪ Face coverings must be provided to all employees who come in direct contact with customers.

▪ Employees are encouraged to wear face shields while tattooing a customer.

▪ Employees must also wear disposable gloves and change them between customers, as well as wash their hands between every customer.


▪ The tattoo parlor must be deep-cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized from top to bottom. After opening, tattoo parlors must be deep-cleaned daily.

▪ Parlors are expected to take every step necessary to implement the regulations, orders, and guidance from the New Jersey State Department of Health and CDC to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

▪ Services are allowed only by appointment. No walk-in customers at this time.

▪ Minimizing person-to-person contact through technology, like mobile or online reservations and contactless payment, is encouraged.

▪ Parlors must post signage at each entrance stating no customer with a fever or COVID-19 symptoms are allowed in.

▪ Only one customer per employee is allowed in the tattoo parlor at any given time.

▪ Tattooing and piercing around the mouth and nose are prohibited.

▪ Chairs are to be rearranged to ensure at least 6 feet between each customer.

▪ Chair and workstations must be sanitized after each use by a customer.

▪ All high-touch areas must be sanitized at least once every two hours.

▪ Hand sanitizers must be placed at entrances.

7ST Crew

We Are Planning to Be Open As Soon As New Jersey Lifts The Quarantine

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