The 7 Souls Tattoo and Body Piercing family is excited to announce the addition of our newest location…Englewood, New Jersey.

What was once called Renaissance Tattoo will now have a new name and ownership,

7 Souls Tattoo and Body Piercing Englewood.

We are committed to bringing the same 5-star state of excellence we bring to our other locations here to our new shop in Englewood New Jersey.

Please look out for future information on all upcoming events, specials, and surprises.

Fair Lawn

Fair Lawn lays just outside of New York City, creating a community of diverse backgrounds and boasting creativity through those who find themselves commuting to NYC often. Our 7 Souls Tattoo location in Fair Lawn is situated on the bustling road of Broadway and holds some of our most talented artists in the area. If this is where you’re thinking of taking your steps into your career as a Tattoo Artist, we wouldn’t blame you.

Jersey city

Our 7 Souls Tattoo Shop, located in the Historic Downtown of Jersey City, boasting nearby views of New York City and surrounded by some of the areas highest-rated chow and spirit locations. Being one of two locations in the city, our location on Jersey Ave, is comprised of some of our top talent in the community. We can’t think of a better way to start your career as a Tattoo Artist.


Located only a short distance from New York City, Ramsey, New Jersey draws a lot of talent from the City and the surrounding areas. Our location is right in the heart of the city on E Main Street, surrounded by the life and culture that has been cultivated here. 7 Souls Tattoo Ramsey comprises of an extremely creative and supportive group of tattoo artists who continuous progress and grow at incredible speeds. This is an incredible path to take as the first steps of your career as a Tattoo Artist.